Sunday, September 22, 2013

Number Posters!

It has been entirely too long since I posted anything. Once school got started madness took over. I can not even begin to explain how fast my days go by once they get started. Anyway I have something school related and not school related for you. Next month is my 30th birthday(WHOA) and also breast cancer awareness month so to honor both I have started making these

I have lost an aunt to what started out as breast cancer so it is a very important cause to me. Hunter(my 8 year old) asked me the other day what the pink lids on the yogurt meant, as he was picking his, and when I told him he said Oh well then I am definitely getting this one then....he's so stinkin cute! I learned how to make these from Laneyards

Ok so now for the school part of this post. I found super cute number poems at Debbie Diller: A Journey in Learning and decided I could make super cute easy posters from these for my classroom. I love any way to encourage not only numbers but also rhyming. Rhyming is heavy in our curriculum as is math so these are perfect!

Here is a preview for them and you can grab them for yourself here Number Posters!

Thanks so much for visiting and have a happy week teaching! 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Classroom jobs!

I made job posters!
 I believe it is important even in Kinder for kids to learn responsibility and what better what to do that then to have a job to take care of.  I wanted something simple and this was the best way I figured to do that! I left room at the bottom for a card with their name on it. I use the lined card but you could also use a picture of the student. There are 8 jobs included. Door holder, paper patrol, germ patrol, morning patrol, energy patrol, job substitute, line leader and caboose!  I would write more but I want to go laminate these LOL. Here they are!  Job Posters.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Class Rules/Voice Levels

I had an incredibly crummy week. Classroom change(moved to a much smaller one) and crazy family issues but I had an amazing weekend which apparently made me incredibly creative! I created two new things for my classroom and I am so excited to laminate and hang them. The first thing I made was posters for classroom rules!

Don't you just love the polka dots. Maybe it's just me. I got the clip art from My Cute Graphics and everything else is all me! I was so super excited with how these came out. If you would like to use them in your classroom here is the link Class Rules! Of course there are more class rules then this but this is a start. I also made voice level posters, told you I was feeling creative. :)

Also polka dot! Apparently that is my new thing! I love how these ones came out. Got the clip art from the same place and the rest is all me. Here is the link for this one Voice Levels! Discovering you can make things is fun!


Monday, July 8, 2013

Word Wall Madness!

Finally finished my word wall! Took about a week and a half but I absolutely love how it came out! Polka dot borders and a lined font so the kiddos can see where their letters go on the lines. Letter formation is a big deal in kinder so I wanted to find just the right font.

The picture isn't great but it gives you an idea of what they look like. All the borders aren't the same color either. I did the ROYGBIV pattern of the rainbow. I am the genius that forgot the color words so those are at the end. X was about to make my head explode so you'll notice that one has a blank card under it. I also plan to make up ones like this for my students names as soon as I know them so they can be on the word wall as well! I think I may pull the frame in just a bit to make it smaller so I can fit it on the wall I want so as soon I finish that I'll post that version. If you would like to download it. Here is the link.

Word Wall!!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Mingus Mountain/Sub binder!

So I didn't do my normal post last week because I was in the mountains. We had church camp up at Mingus Mountain and it was AMAZING! There is something about praising God out in His creation that makes it that much more powerful. We got back on Saturday and I have been feeling a little mountain sick. I can't wait to go back next year! If you live in AZ and ever get the chance to go do it! Here are some of the pictures I took while up there. I got some really good ones but there is no way to show all of the amazing beauty that was up there.

View from hang gliders point at 5am!

Watching the sun come up, woke up at 4:30 and hiked all uphill but was by far worth it!

Pinching the sun as it came up at 7,000 feet!

This trip was by far one of the highlights of my summer! I got put with 7th graders which was a whole new world to me but I really enjoyed it. Trusting in God really does help!

So for the school part of this post. My friend Katie is amazing and creates all kinds of awesome stuff. She recently put up here first TPT post and it is of course awesome. It is a freebie and it is a substitute teacher binder! Sub Binder Freebie! Go check it out!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Yearly Calendar For Parents!

I originally promised myself that I would not start working on school stuff until July but to be completely honest, I miss it and I miss it a lot. I do know however come about October or so I will probably be ready for summer again :). Anyway this is what I made tonight in my urge to be in touch with the classroom again. I got my original idea from a pin that a friend had put up! Here. I was looking at it and thought great I could highlight certain dates and give one to parents at the beginning of the year, plus it had a cute little space where kids could draw a picture. After I opened it I noticed it didn't include 2014 and I wanted something that spanned the school year not just 2013. So I made my own. I went to this website and downloaded their yearly calendar. I then copied and pasted it into Pages(like Word but on a Mac) so I could edit it better. It was a little time consuming but it came out to be exactly what I wanted. It has the whole year displayed and I was able to leave a little space for the kids to personalize it. I plan to use different colored highlighters to highlight half days, days off and special days. I was also thinking that I would put a small sticker of some kind of that specific child's birthday. I am then going to put a key of what each color means on the back and laminate them. I LOVE to laminate.  If you would like to download the calendar here it is! I apologize that it is two pages but you can just tell the printer not to print page two. I just wanted it to be big enough to be legible! Enjoy! 

2013-2014 School year calendar

Monday, June 3, 2013

Graduation Gifts

I know it's a bit past the end of the year but I wanted to share what I made for my students for their graduation gifts. They all worked so hard and I wanted to give them something special. I found my idea on Ketchen's Kindergarten! The puzzles she found were smaller than the ones I was able to find at the dollar store so I ended up making my own labels. I did use the same text as her since it was so darn cute. Here is how mine turned out. 

I found the smarties candies and the puzzles at the dollar store. I got princess puzzles for the girls and superheroes for the boys. That was what the store had and thats not to say I wouldn't have given one of my girls superheroes or boys princesses but knowing my students I knew doing it the way I did would go over well. I just printed out the label, taped it to the front of the puzzle and then taped the smarties to the top. I used two because of the size of the puzzle but one in the middle would look cute too. My kids absolutely loved these. If you would like to use the label I made here is the file for it. It is a PDF file. I use a Mac and the way I made the border doesn't transfer to Word but it should save and print just fine. :) 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New to two worlds!

Hi! My name is Jessica and I am a first year kindergarten teacher. I started in January as my kiddos original teacher moved back home. It's funny for me to think of myself as a first teacher as I just finished a school year but here I am in May finding myself very nervous about August. I have never started out a school year before but I am also super excited to start out with a class and classroom that is truly 100% mine. One of the hardest things I have ever done was to take over someone else's class especially a very active( I may have only had 16 students but 4 out of the 16 had constant behavior issues)  class. As all teachers know when you first start classroom management is a big issue and this class taught me a lot about that! I started this blog in hopes that I would be able to share the things I have found helpful, things I have created, and to meet other teachers! So feel free to follow me and introduce yourself. I love making new friends and I'm always up for a good blog hop!