Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New to two worlds!

Hi! My name is Jessica and I am a first year kindergarten teacher. I started in January as my kiddos original teacher moved back home. It's funny for me to think of myself as a first teacher as I just finished a school year but here I am in May finding myself very nervous about August. I have never started out a school year before but I am also super excited to start out with a class and classroom that is truly 100% mine. One of the hardest things I have ever done was to take over someone else's class especially a very active( I may have only had 16 students but 4 out of the 16 had constant behavior issues)  class. As all teachers know when you first start classroom management is a big issue and this class taught me a lot about that! I started this blog in hopes that I would be able to share the things I have found helpful, things I have created, and to meet other teachers! So feel free to follow me and introduce yourself. I love making new friends and I'm always up for a good blog hop!