Monday, July 8, 2013

Word Wall Madness!

Finally finished my word wall! Took about a week and a half but I absolutely love how it came out! Polka dot borders and a lined font so the kiddos can see where their letters go on the lines. Letter formation is a big deal in kinder so I wanted to find just the right font.

The picture isn't great but it gives you an idea of what they look like. All the borders aren't the same color either. I did the ROYGBIV pattern of the rainbow. I am the genius that forgot the color words so those are at the end. X was about to make my head explode so you'll notice that one has a blank card under it. I also plan to make up ones like this for my students names as soon as I know them so they can be on the word wall as well! I think I may pull the frame in just a bit to make it smaller so I can fit it on the wall I want so as soon I finish that I'll post that version. If you would like to download it. Here is the link.

Word Wall!!!

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  1. Great job, Jessica! That must have been a lot of work.