Sunday, June 9, 2013

Yearly Calendar For Parents!

I originally promised myself that I would not start working on school stuff until July but to be completely honest, I miss it and I miss it a lot. I do know however come about October or so I will probably be ready for summer again :). Anyway this is what I made tonight in my urge to be in touch with the classroom again. I got my original idea from a pin that a friend had put up! Here. I was looking at it and thought great I could highlight certain dates and give one to parents at the beginning of the year, plus it had a cute little space where kids could draw a picture. After I opened it I noticed it didn't include 2014 and I wanted something that spanned the school year not just 2013. So I made my own. I went to this website and downloaded their yearly calendar. I then copied and pasted it into Pages(like Word but on a Mac) so I could edit it better. It was a little time consuming but it came out to be exactly what I wanted. It has the whole year displayed and I was able to leave a little space for the kids to personalize it. I plan to use different colored highlighters to highlight half days, days off and special days. I was also thinking that I would put a small sticker of some kind of that specific child's birthday. I am then going to put a key of what each color means on the back and laminate them. I LOVE to laminate.  If you would like to download the calendar here it is! I apologize that it is two pages but you can just tell the printer not to print page two. I just wanted it to be big enough to be legible! Enjoy! 

2013-2014 School year calendar

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